You guys are the only band I listen to, seriously. I remember when I first heard, "If This Is How Love Feels," I fell in love ever since. Keep making great music. Love you guys♥ #phony#ppl

Thank You Babe ! <3

Hey! Really like your music! Was wondering if you had any suggestions for other good underground musicians?

The Skins are a dope band from Brooklyn ; underground musicians ; not reaslly underground but Snarky Puppy is a really amazinG band.

why did Dymez leave

it was a mutual agreement on both parties. however , Clashing ideas will never make for great business. He wanted to fully embark on his solo career , and establish himself as a solo entity.

Saw you guys last year at the Blue Note Jazz Club and just wanted to say you guys put on a great show! Can't wait to catch another live set sometime soon!
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